What is a domain name?

If you’re considering your first website, you may be wondering what a domain name is and why you need one. Well, you do need one (without a domain name you have no website) and BRIGHTON WEBTECH can organise this for you.

Essentially, a domain name is your website name, or your URL. It’s what your future customers type into a browser’s title bar to find your website and to learn about what you do.


www.yourbusinessname.co.uk, or www.whatyoudo.com

Computers use IP (internet protocol) addresses, a series of long numbers, to identify websites. However, us humans don’t remember strings of figures very well, so domain names were developed as a means to differentiate one website from another. A domain name can be used in any combination of numbers or letters, with various extensions (known as top level domains or tld), such as .com, .co.uk, .net and so on.

The technical bit – Worth knowing, though


Every registered domain name is unique.

Domain names are considered a key part of search engine optimisation, so do bear this in mind. Brighton WebTech can offer advice on what we consider to be a good choice (or choices). If it’s available we can register it on your behalf, saving you time and hassle.

For example, it may be worth considering a keyword-rich domain name, succinctly describing what you do and within a particular geographical location. Or not, it’s up to you.

Some domain names are more expensive than others and in certain cases, we may advise you to purchase a .co.uk/.com/.info combination to ensure that it doesn’t get taken by a competitor. Each domain name will need to be renewed annually.

Your business is unique, so feel free to ask us if you’d like some help. Ultimately, you will want people to find your website and to contact you or buy from you – and we’d like to make that happen.

We know all this technical stuff so that you don’t have to. You just want to get online with a great website.

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