Website Design in Brighton and Sussex

If you’re in business without a website, you will be missing out: you’ll risk losing potential customers, you’ll risk your reputation as people look for your business and fail to find it, and you’ll risk being judged as not caring enough about your professional profile.

It’s not worth taking that risk, is it?

Harsh? Yes, but you know that we’re right. And we know that you know that we’re right, otherwise you wouldn’t be on our website. And for that, we thank you.

Here at Brighton WEBtech, we understand how best to create and tailor your site layout, integrate graphics, applications and any other content. We know which plug-ins (software) to download and use to best effect, and securing your site to make it robust and safe is part of the service.

Whether you need a basic “brochure” site, an e-commerce platform, and/or one that generates outstanding enquiries from people searching for your products or services, Brighton WEBtech can deliver everything you need.

Your site will be viewable and usable on all platforms, including mobile devices.

When it comes to websites, we have up-to date knowledge of:

  • What works (and what doesn’t work)
  • New coding principles
  • New technologies and software
  • Product and plug-in updates

Should you wish images, video, RSS feeds, links to social media, a newsletter sign-up button, or practically anything else, if it’s feasible we can set these up for you.

It’s a long list of deliverables, but one that could help your business to shine in a competitive marketplace. Having a credible online presence is an excellent way to support your business development. After all, if your unique selling points aren’t on your site, how will your customers know about them? If your website doesn’t blow your trumpet, who will?

Right then. Let’s get you online. Contact us today and we’ll get started.

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