Based near Brighton in East Sussex, Neil Hart’s extensive earlier career in automotive engineering reflects how he helps his clients today. Web design and development needs a sharp focus on attention to detail, which he has in great abundance.

With one of those methodical brains, he was a specialist designer of the gizmos used to help the assembly and testing of car parts. Having progressed into all things technical, Neil developed his skills to start and run an IT services business, helping small businesses to focus on what they do best without worrying about the IT side of things.

A natural move into websites followed, with the acquisition of an in-depth knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and Joomla CMS (programming languages and content management systems). Neil now works primarily with WordPress CMS, delivering customised websites to business owners in East Sussex and around Brighton and Hove.

What can Brighton WebTech offer you? In a nutshell, a very chic, “clean” and easy to update website that that will make you and your business look very good indeed. We can design and customise a WordPress site that helps open doors to your business.



Consider your potential customers. Did you know that they’re researching potential services or products on-line long before they decide to buy? If your website is poor, you’ll have a high “bounce rate” (the proportion of visitors who return toute suite to the results pages on Google) and you will get penalised in rankings for this.

Worse, you have no website at all. Nobody knows your business exists.

This will not do.

We have the skills that you need to design, create and deliver a professional looking website with just the right colour scheme, layout text and navigation. That’s right: an unfussy, simple clean site to draw visitors to your contact page. The rest is up to you!

Don’t forget that we offer domain names and hosting, too. For an additional cost, it’s worth considering talking to our affiliated website copywriter who’ll create original SEO-focused content to get your site found by those all-important customers.

Ready to succeed? Contact us today to discuss what you need.