Do I really need a logo Design?

Short answer… no.

Long answer… maybe. If you’re new in business, or a startup company, the investment might not be justified. After all, a professional logo designer charges hundreds of pounds for a logo. And, if you need style guidelines too, the sky’s the limit.

A more established company will, of course, need a strong brand identity. However, a well crafted word-form logo, similar to our own, will often suffice.

Now here’s a disclaimer, we’re not logo design specialists. We do, however, know the fundamentals of graphic design, and have done for some time. That means that we can come up with some fairly decent efforts.

Some of our work, can be seen below.

Some logo design examples

Elta Smith
Logo for Perfect Pamper
Perfect Pamper
Logo for Zororo Retreat - a luxury 5-bed villa in Portugal
Zororo Retreat
Logo for Brighton Paws - a dog walking and pet care company
Brighton Paws
Logo for the Eltham Writer's Group logo
Eltham Writer’s Group
Logo for LD Auto logo
LD Auto (mechanic)

Logo design is a process

It’s possible to find sites that that promise to deliver logos, for only a few pounds. In the past, we’ve used them ourselves. Very occasionally, we got something okay. But most of the time, they were pretty rubbish. And of course, they will be. Because, there is a whole process behind good logo design, from research, concepts, sketches though to final vector designs. And yes, your logo should be in vector format, so that it can be scaled and adapted for use elsewhere – business cards, letterheads, banners etc.

With out website design service, we can also offer logo design. From inexpensive word-form logos, so something more elaborate. And it won’t be in the £500 – £5000 price range, but something significantly less.

When you’re ready to talk about your website plans, we can also discuss your logo plans.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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