What is website hosting?

It works like this:

Imagine someone typing in your website site address (or URL) into the space bar at the top of the page. The internet connects to the server that holds your website files and then returns the pages back to your website visitor’s computer. And, they do this very fast indeed, or they should do.

In effect, hosting services offer you space on the internet and you must have your website hosted if you want a presence on the internet. However, not all hosting companies are the same and although we would say this, here at Brighton Webtech we can offer you everything you need.

We don’t just offer website storage and access. Simply managing servers and software is relatively easy, but with all the technologies and services you need, we also offer you excellent security, bandwidth, speed and support. Your website is safe with us.

Brighton WEBtech also offers up to five mailboxes (email addresses), as well as auto forwarders (.com to a .co.uk URL etc), meaning that your future customers can find you more easily.

Whatever size of website you decide to have, we can provide hosting services to adapt to its future growth and development, as well as a potential increase in website visitors. Brighton WEBtech also caters for the needs of would-be e-commerce site owners.

Choose Brighton WebTech for your hosting

Website Support

We think that WordPress websites are the best. They’re robust and customisable. We understand that Google favours them, too.

However, let’s not get complacent. WordPress sites can and are hacked by nefarious individuals trying to make some sort of point. With monthly security, database and plug-in updates, we can ensure that your website stays impenetrable. Fortress website, as it were. This is a vitally important service, so contact us to find out more if you’re not sure.

And…within working hours, we’re here at the end of a telephone or via email if you have any queries or problems with your site.

Hosting and support are key to the success of your website. We offer monthly pricing packages specifically geared to supporting the needs of business owners who need their sites to work as hard as they do. Job done.

Give Neil at Brighton WEBtech a call. Your website awaits you.