What is Web Development Exactly?

The terms “web designer” and “web developer” are often taken to mean the same thing, but they really are quite different. As a skilled web development company, we also offer great web designs. In simple terms, the first produces the second: it’s through web development with extensive use of CSS, and other techy stuff, that Brighton WEBtech delivers great-looking, easy to navigate website designs in WordPress.

The key here is our unique selling point: we take an empty WordPress template (imagine a blank canvas) and, using our technical and coding expertise, customise it using front-end and back-end development.

In a nutshell: we use CSS to create the visual styles and layout (through the front end). Through back-end development and often for more complex projects, we employ more advanced programming to dictate how the customer uses the site – its functionality in other words. Sometimes, we do this completely from scratch.

It’s the combination of these skills that enables us to create a powerful online solution that fully meets your needs. As problem solvers, we are so much more than making your site look pretty.

From the main design layout, to applying different font types, inserting images, making the pages flow well, implementing animation and so on, Brighton WEBtech is way, way more than a website designer.

We don’t just offer website storage and access. Simply managing servers and software is relatively easy, but with all the technologies and services you need, we also offer you excellent security, bandwidth, speed and support. Your website is safe with us.

Brighton WEBtech also offers up to five mailboxes (email addresses), as well as auto forwarders (.com to a .co.uk URL etc), meaning that your future customers can find you more easily.

Whatever size of website you decide to have, we can provide hosting services to adapt to its future growth and development, as well as a potential increase in website visitors. Brighton WEBtech also caters for the needs of would-be e-commerce site owners.

How Does Web Development from Brighton WEBtech Support Your Business?