Affiliated Content Writing Services

Not sure where to start when it comes to creating words for your website? Maybe you just don’t have hours in the day, or it’s just not your strength.

Problem solved.

Brighton WebTech is very pleased to offer high quality web content writing services in partnership with Susan Beckingham from Sussex Copywriting Services. Based in Brighton, and supporting clients throughout the UK, Susan creates original, crisp and highly focused web copy to showcase your business at its very best.

Susan knows that a powerful combination of content and on-page search engine optimisation is, more than likely, going to get your site ranked by Google. And, found by your target market. So, it’s a good thing that she understands and can offer you both these things, wouldn’t you think?

Susan Beckingham has over 25 years’ senior level sales and marketing experience. Unlike many copywriters, Susan isn’t an ex journalist. She’s just what you need: a commercially skilled business specialist who understands you, your business and what you’re trying to achieve.

Susan is a great project manager and will oversee your website development from start to finish. A face-to-face briefing establishes everything she needs to know (prepare to be interviewed) and then it’s all systems go.

Your web content will be written in a style and tone directly to appeal to your target market, whatever your industry sector and the type of audience you are trying to reach.

For good visitor engagement and to come to the attention of Google, you need at least 300 words of excellent, highly relevant words per page. Do not freak. Written well, and created in a web-friendly style, Susan’s narrative skills will grab your future customer’s interest and keep them on the page. With a subtle call to action, your inbox could be pinging in no time.

Sussex Copywriting Services also creates blogs in the way they should be written: to engage, inform and add value with in-depth content to keep your website’s content updated.

You are too close to your business to write about it objectively. Don’t do it.

Great news. At last, someone who knows how to write website content. Call off the search.

Might as well give that Brighton WebTech company a call. You know it makes sense.

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