It depends. You knew I was going to say that, didn’t you? However, if you really can’t wait, skip to the bottom of the page where you’ll get an idea of our prices.

Ball of string

Imagine going into a car showroom and asking how much a car is going to cost. Well, I’m going to do what the car sales person will do and ask you lots of questions. What do you want it for, what’s your budget, do you want petrol, diesel or electric, etc? You get the point.

Until the sales person, or myself, knows what you really want, it’s difficult to come up with a meaningful figure.

How long is a piece of string?

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up somewhere else!

The cost of any website, is dependent on its complexity and size. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it?

One of the first things we’ll do when you contact us, is learn about you and your business. What your plans are and work out how your new website will help you achieve that. We’re used to this process. Once we know where we’re going, that’s half the battle. Not all web developers are the same and we see all too often that this important step is missed out completely.

There are lots of other steps we’ll be going through, so it’s important to choose a developer who knows what they’re doing. Hint, you’re in the right place!

How Much Does a Website Cost Using Brighton WEBtech?

When it comes to pricing, we’re always competitive, always fair and always focused on delivering you a positive return on your investment. That being said, it’s impossible to give you a price for something we know nothing about yet. The following table is for very rough guidance only.

One Page

This service is aimed at organisations that require a simple web presence, or have a tiny budget. The design will be based on one of our range of starter templates and adapted to match your brand.


Our starter package includes:

  • Template design
  • Includes 1 page only
  • Fully responsive
  • HQ stock graphics
  • SEO ready
  • Domain name & hosting

One-page details


This service is aimed at small and start-up businesses who don’t have the budget for a custom design. The design will be based on one of our range of starter templates and adapted to match your brand.


Our starter package includes:

  • Template design
  • Includes 5 pages note 1
  • Fully responsive
  • HQ stock graphics
  • SEO ready
  • Domain name & hosting

Starter website details


This is ideal for small and start-up businesses, as well as site re-designs. What you’ll get is a fantastic brochure style website that will be excellent for lead generation.

FROM £1,000

Our business package includes:

  • Custom design
  • Includes 5 pages note 2
  • Fully responsive
  • HQ stock graphics
  • SEO ready
  • Sitemap submission

Website design details


For larger, or most established businesses, the professional package is the desired choice. A much more unique design will be achieved with proper graphic design & photography.

FROM £5,000

Our professional package includes:

  • As business, plus:
  • Custom design
  • Includes 10 pages note 2
  • Pro graphics
  • Photographer
  • Custom programming

Website design details


NOTE 1: Additional pages are possible and are charged at £50 each.
NOTE 2: Additional pages are possible and are charged at £150 each.


Optional ongoing costs can include software updates, regular backups, uptime monitoring and content updates.

Optional support

From £25

You may also need the following:

You might already have one of these. It’s the name of your website. For example: In other words, it’s the address, or more accurately the PO BOX, of your website.

Domain names have to be “hired”, you never own them outright. They have to be renewed, usually annually. Domain name fees start from around £10 to £20 per year.

If you need any help, you can try looking at out domain name service.

Your website needs to be “hosted” somewhere. This is the place where all of the files of your website reside. If the domain name is the address / PO BOX, you can think of the hosting as the actual building where everything is stored.

You don’t need to have your hosting with us, but it makes things easier for you. This is because you’ll have to deal with the hosting company if you have any problems. You can learn about our hosting services here.

If you opt for either of our one-page or business starter websites, then hosting on our servers is required.

A logo is part of your brand. It’s not necessary to have a logo, but it makes your company more memorable.

Companies can spend a huge amount of money developing their branding and logo. This might not be the best idea, especially for small and start-up businesses. We would recommend that, if you’re having a logo, that proper design consideration is applied to it. Our logo services may interest you.

SEO will be of interest if you’re serious about increasing the reach of your business. It’s a complicated and not inexpensive process, but one that will repay a huge return on your investment.

Our SEO services are detailed here.

Content writing is exactly that, the words on your website. Whilst you know you business better than anyone, it’s a completely different art being able to write what you want to say, in a way that will engage your clients.

We work very closely with local copywriting companies who know their stuff inside out. They know how to write, so as to attract new customers to your business, which is what you want, isn’t it? Quality copywriting, as well as helping your SEO, will give your website a substantial head start in lead generation.

We’ll be happy to talk with you about your content writing requirements.

We are one of Brighton’s premier web development professionals, with years of experience in the field of website design and development.

With our professional responsive web design services, we can be sure that your website performs flawlessly on all devices. In today’s mobile-driven world, having a fully responsive website is vital to getting seen and staying ahead of your competitors. Our responsive web designs are capable of adjusting to any screen size or resolution being used. It goes without saying that they’ll display the same awesome look and feel on smart phones as well as on widescreen desktop monitors.

So, if you’re still asking, “how much does a website cost” from us, then you know what to do:

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