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Website design & development for My Wood Flooring

My Wood Flooring called Brighton WEBtech in at short notice in order to create a redesign of their existing website after a rejected design from elsewhere. As such, we had to work to a condensed timeline. We, of course, were more than happy to help.

The brief was simple. Design a site that reflects the professionalism of My Wood Flooring, along with the high quality of their work. They offer a wide range of flooring to suit all styles and preferences. Although the layout and structure of the site was very straightforward, I couldn’t resist adding my custom gallery software. Of all the gallery plugins I’ve used with WordPress before, I was never fully satisfied with the responsive performance of them. Therefore, I designed my own. I’m particularly proud of the way that it works. Why not go and have a look?

Website design and development by Neil, from Brighton Webtech

Just as important as the website, and arguably more so, is the content. It’s good quality, useful web content that ticks Google’s boxes in the search engine results pages. In other words, where a website ends up in the rankings.

The content and site structure of the new site had already been put together by Susan Beckingham of Sussex Copywriting Services. Susan is an accomplished content writer and SEO specialist, and we have a close working relationship. So close that, between the two of us, we’re virtually a design agency. After we launched the site, Susan took care of all the keyword research and the on-page SEO, too.

Website content by Susan Beckingham of Sussex Copywriting Services

This website was built using the hugely popular WordPress CMS. We designed custom graphics and individual design assets / micro interactions (menu, buttons, links etc.). As always, special attention to responsiveness is an essential requirement, which is one of the areas we spend more time on than most.

Technology used to build this website project

As we were replacing an existing, smaller website, we paid special attention to the existing SEO benefits that had been earned. A vital process, but something that easily overlooked by more junior developers. We ensured that every single page from the old site, either had an identical URL on the new one, or that suitable redirections were in place so that existing users AND Google could find what they were looking for. In less than a week, we saw evidence that Google had already started to re-index many of the pages. On top of that, we saw a vastly improved ranking in search engines.

Further more, custom javascript programming was added to include specific functionality not included with a standard WordPress installation.

As a result of our efforts, the client was very pleased with the results and has already created many inquiries for their services.

The website was, of course, delivered on-time and on-budget.

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