Writers in Oxford

Writers in Oxford (WiO) was founded in 1992 by Sir Philip Pullman and colleagues to ‘provide opportunities for published writers to meet one another in an informal and friendly way’. Since then it has grown into an active forum for writers, journalists and broadcasters in the Oxfordshire area to network, learn and enjoy each other’s company in a range of contexts.
Technology used to build this website project

Their website, was built using the popular WordPress CMS, using custom graphic and an attention to responsiveness. As a basic site, this serves their needs well, with committee members managing the content themselves, posting news and events as required. This is the result.

In addition to the above, some custom functionality was added on the Gallery page, were members’ own publications can be showcased.  With the creation of a Custom Post Type (which is what WordPress calls content that doesn’t fit into standard posts), and some fancy CSS, this became easy for them to manage themselves.

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